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Psalms School of Music is flexible when it comes to choosing your classes.

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Our Features

Personal Attention

We provide personal attention to our students and give you a progress report every 3 months or at the end of your course.

Custom Courses

We can create a custom course for you in case you already know some bit of music. You have an option to just learn a few songs of your choice or stick to a syllabic course

Internal Exams

Our internal assessment will help us understand the capability of the students and can suggest the grades they can appear for external exams.

External Exams

We train students and enable them to appear for exams with Rock n Pop, Trinity College, Royal School of Music & London College of Music.

Jam Sessions

We arrange for jam sessions for our students so they learn how to play with others maintaining timing, Chords and other important features..

Course Duration

We provide both long term and short term courses. Our basic sets start from 24 classes and can provide you with lessons up-to 8th Grade lessons which can roughly last up-to 8 years.

Flexible Timings

Unlike other classes most of our sessions can be completed by the students as per their convenience.

Pick n Drop Facility

We have provisions where we can have the students picked and dropped so that the parents don't have to figure logistics to drop the students over for class.

and more...

In case there are any ideas that you would like us to incorporate we are open to listen and your suggestion.
If you are not sure which instrument to learn you can come and try out different instruments before you enroll for a course.
In case you are out of the country or traveling you can still continue to stay in touch through Skype.

We're not the only ones excited about MUSIC...

More than 1,500 students taught over the last 5 years.